templatemo.comEven during a pandemic year, GFWC clubwomen are true volunteers in action – in 2020, our members
raised nearly $10 million doing more than 74,702 projects, volunteering more than 3.6 million hours in
the communities where they live and work.
Nearly 80,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state, the District of Columbia, and more than a
dozen countries, GFWC members work in their own communities to support the arts, preserve natural.


Community Service Program Areas

1. Arts and Culture

The GFWC Arts and Culture Community Service Program encourages members to promote and support art and cultural programs in their clubs and communities, and to expand understanding on every level, from local and regional to national and international. Our goal is to create projects that include crafts, dance, drama, food, music, and other manifestations of art and culture that develop skills, awareness, and appreciation. It is designed to inspire clubwomen and ignite within them a desire to make the world a more beautiful, thoughtful, and caring place.

2. Environment

The GFWC Environment Community Service Program encourages us to become stewards of the earth by working to preserve the world’s resources, protect wildlife and domesticated animals,live sustainably, and beautify our communities and enjoy nature. Environmental degradation is
cumulative and many scientists warn that we are at a tipping point. There is no time like the present to act.

3. Education & Libraries

We aim to help others, while we also continue to learn. Projects in the Education and Libraries Community Service Program are designed to foster schools, as well as other educational institutions and opportunities. These projects promote libraries, literacy, and the love of a good book. Through these efforts, we encourage the growth of individuals and communities at home and around the world.

4. Civic Engagement & Outreach

The GFWC Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program reminds GFWC members that each of us is a part of a larger society and is responsible for undertaking actionsthat will create a better quality of life and foster a sense of community—locally, regionally,nationally, and globally. This Community Service Program highlights and encourages citizenship;crime prevention, safety, and disaster preparedness; the needy, hungry, and homeless; and our military personnel and veterans.

5. Health&Wellness

The human body, mind, and spirit comprise our health and wellness. To improve our well being,we must address three key components: nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care. This Community Service Program aims to explore the various opportunities for awareness and advancement of each of these vital areas..


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Special Projects

GFWC Signature Program: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

The aim of the GFWC Signature Program: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention, is to increase member understanding about and involvement in programs to decrease domestic violence in communities and across the nation.

For full information on this project, download the Signature Program Outline here.

GFWC Juniors’ Special Program: Advocates for Children

The GFWC Juniors’ Special Program: Advocates for Children is designed to enable Juniorette, Junior, and General clubs to educate, advocate, and engage in projects concerning the well-being of children via health, social, and safety programs. GFWC Junior members have designed a special project, Advocates for Children, which encourages GFWC members to become active advocates for children by working to:

  • Protect children from harmful situations,
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles,
  • Support and provide best practices for emergency care, and
  • Prevent substance abuse and youth suicide.

For full information on this project, download the Juniors' Special Program Outline here.


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